An Evening with TOW'RS
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An Evening with TOW'RS



Every story begins somewhere. Ours began in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona. We 

were originally a group of strangers who found each other through a deep love for music

& story telling.  Over the years we have become a family, writing not just our music 

together, but our lives. Our sights are set on being students of story with one another 

and loving people through our craft.

Through our music, we explore the questions that haunt us, the pain that marks us, and 

the hope that redefines everything for us.  We invite you into the conversation, build with

us, find your place at the table.

About our new album ­ “Grey Fidelity”

The grey inconclusive nature of life felt paralyzing at times this year. In the midst of 

liminal spaces, fidelity was a reoccurring hope where there weren’t conclusions.  And 

though we often operated out of a grey area of knowledge, it became an ongoing 

observation that fidelity to hope seemed more important than having answers. Fidelity to

our marriages seemed more important than being right or getting our way. Fidelity to 

vulnerability seemed more important than protecting ourselves from the inevitable pain 

of community. Fidelity to social justice and human rights seemed more important than 

protecting our image or privilege.

Our hope for these songs is to invite you not into certainty, but into devotion to hope. A 

place we tried to operate in despite not being able to know or see the full outcome of 

that devotion.

These are the poems of our year of “Grey Fidelity”.

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THUNDERBIRD WINE presents: Lost Lakes w/ Alma
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THUNDERBIRD WINE presents: Lost Lakes w/ Alma

Come out for a wine tasting with Thunderbird Wines and an evening of tunes from local favs, Lost Lakes and Madison native, Alma.

Lost Lakes Duo Press Photo.jpeg

Lost Lakes is a collaboration between Corey Mathew Hart and Paul Mitch. The two met during a songwriting competition held by a local radio station. It wasn't until they returned for a duets portion of the follow year's competition that Corey saw Paul play bass and singing harmonies. The first time Corey and Paul played together, they clicked musically and personally. The collaboration has grown over the years, developing into a strong songwriting and production team with a focus on well-crafted tunes and tight vocal harmonies. Lost Lakes' self-titled debut record bears witness to their talents and the fact the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Recorded over a 9 month period, the recording process was a labor of love. Paul and Corey produced the record and enlisted percussionist Shane Leonard (Field Report, The Stray Birds) along with longtime bandmate Rusty Lee on keyboards to fill out the sound. The project was recorded in a shared warehouse space called the Dojo. Many of the basic tracks were recorded live in 2 separate sessions with overdubs done in small Thursday night sessions. Being fairly porous to the outside elements, the temperature in the Dojo ranged from 41 degrees to well over 100 over the course of the project, adding a sense of adventure to the sessions. Being able to take their time for this project gave Corey and Paul a lot of freedom to try different sounds and arrangements for songs they have been playing live for a couple of years. With no pressure, no deadline, and a giant warehouse space filled with eclectic gear, the two managed to create a record of the highest quality.

When it came time to mix the album, Corey and Paul called on an old acquaintance, Grammy award winning engineer Justin Guip. The two had met Guip years ago when they opened for The Amy Helm (daughter of Levon Helm) at a Barn show in Spring Green, WI. Guip also happened to have just finished a record with the Stray Birds that Shane Leonard played percussion on. The past and present collided, and the timing couldn't have been better. Corey and Paul approached Guip about mixing the record and he was very excited about the songs and tracks that were laid down at the Dojo. Guip's aesthetic greatly aligned with the vision that Paul and Corey had for the record, and the result is a compelling masterpiece.


Originally from Wisconsin, Alma Cook is an LA-based singer-songwriter with a passion for starting conversations about the human condition. These conversations take many shapes—prose, public speaking, discussion groups—but songwriting is Alma's favorite medium. Through poignant original arrangements that borrow from pop, jazz, neosoul, spoken word, and folk, she tells stories about the sides of human nature many of us would rather sweep under the rug. 

With the release of Alma's 2014 album Tactics, her clever lyrics and strong vocal delivery drew attention from media outlets and independent radio stations across the country and overseas, landing Alma features in Popwrapped and Songwriting Magazine as well as airplay on stations like Radio Nova Portugal, Radio One Chicago, and Groundsounds. Her most recent single, "Hearsay," speaks out about human trafficking over a catchy, hard-hitting pop groove.

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