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Ida Jo w/Lo Marie and Mary Bue

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Ida Jo:

Ida Jo is a singer, violinist, and writer. Touring extensively, she has performed on three continents and at festivals such as SXSW. She has released 5 full length records. On violin, Ida Jo employs a seldom heard technique that is the combination of a folk fiddle style called “chopping” and her extensive classical training. She makes her home in Madison, WI and was named 2013 WAMI Female Vocalist of the Year. She was also named 2014 MAMA Folk/Americana Performer of the Year. She has been published in the Huffington Post and has presented at TEDx.

Lo Marie: 

Lo grew up playing music in Madison, WI. After high school, she moved down to Nashville, TN to attend Vanderbilt University, where she graduated in May 2011 with a double major in Music and Economics. Throughout college, Lo’s primary studies were in Classical music; however, she also found herself studying Jazz at every opportunity. She took both Classical and Jazz lessons and found herself performing in both operas and Big Band concerts. During her final year at Vanderbilt, it suddenly became clear that she had no choice but to pursue her music. This final year was a time of great personal growth, and a transition into dedicating herself and her life to creativity through music. It was during this transitional period that many of her songs from her EP Beyond the Age of Reason were born. The first track “Waiting on Clarity” particularly demonstrates this transition and the courage it takes to make the decision to begin your life’s journey. “Waiting on Clarity” opens with a subtle drum and bass feature and slowly builds into a chorus filled with intensity and excitement, demonstrating Lo’s full vocal capabilities and stylistic range. “Dirty Fools”, track four on the EP, is a revelation of the power one can fully attain after speaking up and taking control of their lives and their destinies. Says Lo, “My hope is that this song becomes somewhat of an anthem for both men and women, and encourages self-empowerment and self-fulfillment.” With a killer trumpet, trombone, and sax line-up of some of the best players in Nashville, along with a thrilling guitar solo from Jerry Kimbrough, the producer himself, “Dirty Fools” never disappoints. The music on this EP is truly an amalgamation of classical training, the complexity of Jazz, the soul of R&B, and the fun, light spirit of Pop.

Mary Bue: 

Mary Bue

"With a name like Mary Elizabeth and a reputation for playing piano, one might expect a more demure presence than Mary Bue brings to the stage. At once soothing, spunky, cathartic and full of vigor, when Mary appears behind the keys or guitar, her energy radiates to the back of any house. Since 1998, at age 17, Mary has been writing songs and taking them on the road – to 38 states, and counting. Now entering her thirties, she has honed a sound that earns the “emotional sucker-punch” an early reviewer felt upon hearing her songs.

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