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Home Brew Series: Coffee from Kettle to Cup

Do you want to up your home barista game? Wondering what the best methods and necessary components are to making the perfect cup of coffee from the comforts of your own home?

In this 4 part series, Ben Wineke (Madison barista mainstay), will make a sometimes hard to understand and complicated process more approachable with education and demos that set you up for success. 

Part III: Brew Methods & Mechanics II: Troubleshooting

Going one level deeper from Class 1, we'll explore the recipes for coffee brewing and identify the things we can adjust to fine-tune your coffee to be just the way you like it. We'll talk about what to taste for, what that means, and what to do about it.


Each session is $5, 30 minutes and includes a complimentary drip coffee to enjoy during the class, or to redeem at a later time.  

There will be 4 sessions within the 2 hour time frame: 530-6, 6-630, 630-7, and 7-730.  

Coming Soon: Reserve your ticket in advance or drop-in the day of the class! Please note that sessions will be limited to 8 people. Reserving your ticket online will ensure that your spot is saved for the time you wish to take the class.

Future class:

April 20
Part IV: Decoding the Label: Whole Bean Coffee Purchasing



Get to know Ben, your instructor for the Crescendo Home Brew Series:

Ben has been studiously working as a barista for 10 years in the Madison area, with a focus on deliberate method and quality. He's certified with the Barista Guild of America, a qualified judge in the US Barista Championships, he's aided in classes and workshops at Coffee Fest in Chicago, and he once spent several hours with US Barista competitor Trevor Gruehn listening to music and practicing latte art, which technically could be considered a training montage. He's hugged at least 4 US Barista Champions, but is probably best known for pleasantly making lattes behind the counters of small area coffee shops, telling bad puns and having hard opinions about Patrick Swayze movies.

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