Gift Cards

Our gift cards are powered by QR codes, and come in a few formats including good old fashioned physical cards, digital cards optimized for iPhone or Android, or print-at-home cards.

Mobile Gift Card Support

For you fellow nerds and 'George Costanzas' out there, we're trying to help slim down your wallet. Pay for your coffee and check your balance, right on your phone. iPhone users can add their Crescendo gift cards to Apple's Passbook app, while Android users add their cards to the PassWallet app.   

  1. After you purchase or receive a gift card from someone else, open the email from Crescendo

  2. In the upper-left corner of your email, tap the "Add To Wallet" icon. Android users: make sure you have downloaded PassWallet before this step.

  3. Your Crescendo gift card will now be ready to redeem at the counter, with your balance displayed in the upper right corner.