A different kind of buzz - Isthmus

Our Nitro Cold Brew recently got some love via Isthmus online. Thanks guys!

Tumbling from a tapper in a cascade of velvety froth, the nitro cold press coffee from Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe could easily be mistaken for a pint of Guinness. Silky smooth, slightly effervescent with just a hint of sweetness, it even tastes a little bit like a stout — but this innovative way to serve iced coffee offers drinkers a different kind of buzz.

Nitro iced coffee is still a fairly new concept — it’s been more popular on the coasts — but the trend is catching on fast. Devotees love the creamy texture, the bubbles and the extra-strong jolt of caffeine.

Crescendo, 1859 Monroe St., is so far the only coffee shop in Madison that offers nitro cold press on tap, though a new bike cart, Velostein,  that serves the brew just launched.


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