An Important Update

July 18, 2022


Hello Crescendo Friends and Family, 

Hard news comes at you fast so here it is.  About 6 weeks ago we made the incredibly difficult and heartbreaking decision to close the doors at our Monroe Street location.  Our last day of normal operation will be July 28th, 2022. 


Anyone who has been around, for anytime at all, knows that our business was built on the back of this sweet little cafe on Monroe Street.  It’s our business baby and will forever be the place where some of our wildest dreams have not only been born, but have also come true.  


This place has blessed so many people in our community.  It has hosted and employed countless musicians and artists and lovebirds and studiers and writers and new parents and old friends and fresh starts and hard goodbyes.  So much life has happened at 1859 Monroe Street. 


Now that we are 9 and a half years, 2 kids, 1 bus and a pandemic in, we are looking at the big picture. Certain parts of our business need to be reanalyzed.  While our Monroe Street location is one of the most special places we know and our team is unmatched: the hard truth is it’s just not fitting into where we want to go as a business and taking up energy that is desperately needed elsewhere.  We need to create space to grow the parts of our business that are truly flourishing: Crescendo Hilldale and the Mobile Business.  We also have need to be able to be the parents we want to be to our kids. 


So we are going to have our very own fresh start and hard goodbye in this cafe.  Trust me when I (Cait) tell you that I have cried approximately 1000 times over the last several weeks, but ultimately we have peace knowing that we are making the right decision for the business and our family.  Our boys will grow up seeing parents that can do hard things and thrive, make the big decisions as a team and ultimately put the people that we love first on the list of our priorities. 


We are working on keeping a bit of Crescendo on Monroe Street and we are so excited for all of you to learn what the future of 1859 Monroe will be.  Don’t ask us because we won’t tell you!!  You are just going to have to practice your patience.  


If you are wondering what you are going to do about your morning coffee, never fear.  Our Hilldale location is open 7a-8p Monday-Saturday and 7a-6p on Sunday.  You can use our website to order beans and bottles to be delivered right to your door.


You will still see us roasting away and preparing for some large scale events we have lined up through August and maybe into September.  If you need a spot for a private meeting during the day or some other event, send an email to and we can get you on the calendar.   


Lastly, because we are party people, there will be some type of going away event so we can close the doors with hope, joy and music, the same way they were opened for the very first time On March 1, 2013.  Details to come, but we’ve got to get through CrossFit Games first (this will be our 4th year as the Official Coffee Partner of the CrossFit Games held in Madison, August 3-7th)!


Thank you for your continued support, we are humbled and hopeful that the best is yet to come.



All our best, 


Cait and Paul Sirianni